Nikhil Banerjee reviewed in Fanfare, Nov/Dec 1996:

Raga Records has made available an important live performance by the late sitarist Nikhil Banerjee. Rag Malgunji is disarmingly delicate and light, only to surprise you with its hidden depth. Banerjee plays it in seventy-nine minutes, the proper length for a raga. Well recorded and annotated, it is both a fitting tribute and reminder of what Indian classical music has achieved. Banerjee's mastery of sitar technique, musical and rhythmic forms, and ability to convey music's emotional and spiritual content ought to shame Western instrumentalists, who seem like well-trained machines by comparison. Raga is planning more releases of Banerjee and Manilal Nag, the latter of whom embodies a profound tradition still managing to exist in our commercialized, vulgar world.--Allan Evans

RAGA-217: Nikhil Banerjee, Anindo Chatterjee, Munich 1980: Malgunji

Nikhil Banerjee