photo Ira Landgarten

LIVE · BERKELEY, 1982 Part 1

The Hundred-Minute Raga: PURABI KALYAN

Disc A: alap (sitar solo)...47:58
1 , 2 alap proper (without meter)..29:35
(1 First five minutes (recorded from audience)...5:09
2 Dissolve into high fidelity Nagra recording...24:26)

3 jor (with a pulse)...18:23

Disc B: gats (sitar & tabla)...52:17
1 medium tintal (16 beat rhythm cycle)...30:11
2 fast tintal...10:03
3 jhalla...12:03.................................Total Time...100:15

Track numbers are provided for reference and access. There are no breaks in the music.

This is the first half of the 1982 Berkeley concert. Mr. Banerjee played Misra Kafi after intermission, available on Raga Records CD Raga-204.

Booklet Texts:

Henry Kaiser in the Bay Area Express on this recording
Allan Evans in Fanfare on this recording

Article about Swapan Chaudhuri by Jan Haag

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The bulk of this historic, archival recording is of very high quality, made with a stereo Nagra recorder and Schoeps microphones on stage. However, the first five minutes are missing from the master tape. In order to present the complete performance, and Mr. Banerjee's full raga development, this deficit is covered with a recording made from the audience. This is a high-fidelity rendition of the sound heard by a member of the audience at the concert: the sound from the PA system, audience noises, some coughs etc. See Producer's Note.

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