Zia Mohiuddin Dagar · Rudra Vina · Live · Seattle 1981

1 Todi 29:12

2 Ahir Lalit 32:26

3 Panchamkauns 16:54

Total Time 78:52

Released by arrangement with Pramilla Dagar and Baha-Ud-Din Dagar. Two unidentified tanpura players. Recorded at University of Washington, Seattle, February 27, 1981. Master tape courtesy University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives. Special thanks to Laurel Sercombe, Jeff Lewis and Sunil Dutta. Research Consultant: Ira Landgarten. Produced by John Wilton.

Produced in conjunction with North American Dhrupad Association. NADA advances knowledge of Dhrupad in North America. Info: NADA, PO Box 361, Agoura, CA 91376

UPC: 7044820-219-2-7

Booklet text: Master of the Rudra Vina by Ira Landgarten

Introduction to Dhrupad by Dr. Sunil Dutta of NADA (text of Raga-221 booklet)

Z.M. Dagar on Raga-222: Marwa, Bageshree. Booklet includes memoir by Jody Stecher.