photo Alain Daniélou

Nasir Mohinuddin Dagar & Nasir Aminuddin Dagar vocal
Sri Purushottam Das pakhawaj · Rag Todi in concert · Calcutta, June 8 1957
Total Time: 76:23 · ADD · Mono · RAGA-220 - upc 7044820 220 2 3

1 alap 53:41
2 dhrupad (chautal: 12 beat cycle) 13:44
3 dhamar (dhamar tal: 14 beat cycle) 8:54

From the archive of Aminuddin Dagar · First in a series

THIS EXTRAORDINARY DOCUMENT presents a Calcutta music circle morning concert. It is the first-ever full-length recording of these legendary dhrupadiyas. (Rag Todi was followed by a Bhairavi bhajan, and Rag Desi, of which the first 25 minutes were recorded. These pieces will appear on a future Raga Records release.) (The Bhairavi is currently available for downloading on the Raga Records mp3 site.) The program was organized by Bharatiya Sanskriti Samsad, a cultural organization, at its auditorium on Chowringhee Road. Dev Prasad Garg Raje of Mahisadal presided, and many famous musicians such as the late Tansen Pandey (uncle of the Dagar Brothers) and Pt. Mani Ram (guru and elder brother of Pt. Jasraj) were among those present. The renowned Sri Purushottam Das of Nathdwara temple (Rajasthan) accompanied on pakhawaj, with Sri Mahesh Mishra of Calcutta on sarangi.

12-page booklet in Adobe Acrobat format 220bookl.pdf (1.6MB; best way to view images and text)

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