This is a composition by Vilas Khan, who was Tansen's son. In the composition, he issues a warning to all musicians and musicologists that the true meaning of music, its Raga and its lyrics are all very difficult to garner. The musician should not be swayed by his limited knowledge and understanding and should not delude himself into thinking that he has mastered the subject. Only one who has the blessings of the Guru Tansen can hope to attain mastery over the subject.

Under what false notion are you, who thinks of himself as being knowledgeable and wise?

You who thinks he understands the music and its meaning emanating from the wise

Of the unattainable, one understands nothing;

Knowledge is difficult to master, difficult to understand.

Only one who practices with devotion can understand its qualities and meaning.

And immerse himself in its beauty and its various emotions.

Vilas (son of Tansen) says that with the blessings of the Almighty.

Only one whose Guru is Tansen can understand the true meaning of music.

In medieval Indian literature the Hero (Nayak) and the Heroine (Nayika) have been classified into various categories. One such category of the Nayika is the "Khandita Nayika." This Nayika is one whose Nayak is a romantic, and returns home in the morning after spending the night with another woman. He may be the Lord Krishna or he may be an ordinary man. Lord Krishna as a God is the epitome of a perfect man. He is the embodiment of true love. Radha and Gopi are his own reflections. As a human he frolics like an unfaithful lover which enhances the joys of the game of love. This composition describes the actions of a Nayak returning to his lover after spending a night of passion with another woman. His guilt is visible in his actions.

Treading cautiously, feet trembling and buckling;

Concealing the language of passion, correcting his words, correcting the folds of his turban;

Taking great pains (to appear normal).

Wordings courtesy Anu Burman in consultation with Nasir Aminuddin Dagar

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