Sunder hon gayee birakh bhanu ke bilok aayee bairan ko baadhoo vyethaa birhe bali aayee kee

In the love of Krishna, Sunder, myself, have become such that I don't know when the sun rises and the light looks like my enemy in the separation of Krishna

Bhool jaat khaan paan roop rang aan baan manas ko chetnan hoat chith chaayee kee

In separation of Krishna, I have forgotten eating, drinking, my own beauty and complexion and all pride, even my senseswhat they remember is the love for my beloved Krishna



Manas ho to wahi Raskhan basun braj Gokul nand ke gwalan

Jo pashu hon to kahan bas mero chaeun chit nand ke machaaran dhenu

If I, Raskhan, must be reborn as a human being, let it be in Brij Gokul among the cowherds of Nand.

If I am born an animal, what a fate! Let me graze each day with the cows of Nand


Poojan chali Mahadev chandra badani mrighya nayani hans gamani parvati

She is going to offer prayers to Mahadev (Lord Shiva), her body shining like the moon, eyes like a deer, walking with the grace of swan

Kar liye agrathaal pushpan ke goondhe haar mukk diye jaraye devan dev mahadev

She is holding a large tray with incense, flower garlands, a burning nine-mouthed oil lamp

Sak nak shik solaah shringar baren na jaye sunderta chabi

Nicely dressed from feet to head with the sixteen adornments, beautiful beyond description is her appearance

Tansen dhoop deep nai wayi dal dhyan lago har har har aadi dev

Tansen is fully concentrating and lost in this immense show and praising the lord of the origin