Ira Landgarten


Zia Mohiuddin Dagar rudra vina


[1] alap 17:59 [2] jor 15:29


[3] alap 18:25 [4] jor 16:36

Total Time: 68:40

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USTAD ZIA MOHIUDDIN DAGAR (1929-1990) was the world's most renowned exponent of India's ancient rudra vina, the instrumental ancestor of the sitar. He was also one of the few masters of dhrupad, the slow, austere, meditative traditional music still performed as it was centuries ago by Dagar's forefathers in the Mughal courts. He had several promising students in India, and in the United States, where he performed and taught regularly since his American debut in 1968. Dagar was affiliated with the American Society for Eastern Arts in Berkeley, California, and he also taught for many years at the University of Washington, in Seattle, where these concert performances were recorded in 1975 (Marwa) and 1979 (Bageshree). -- Ira Landgarten

Booklet: memoir by Jody Stecher


Recorded 1975 (marwa); 1979 (bageshree).

from the University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archive · second in a series

Z.M. Dagar on Raga Records: Todi, Ahir Lalit, Panchamkauns Booklet includes article by Ira Landgarten.