Vasant Rai sarod
Ananda Gopal Bandopadhyay tabla Kokila Rai tanpura
1. Darbari Kanada, alap: 26:08
2. Zilla Kafi, gats in tintal: 33:35
Total time: 59:50 Mono

Washington Square Church, New York, September 21, 1981.
Nagra recording by Raga Records. Produced by John Wilton and Ira Landgarten.

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I met Vasant Rai in 1969 while in India. He is just as great and beautiful a person as he is a great and beautiful musician. - George Harrison

It is my great pleasure to speak about the distinguished musician, Vasant Rai. I have known him since he was a child studying with my father, the late Padmabhusan Allauddin Khan. His personal attributes and conscientious habits are a complement to his gifts as a musician. He has made a name for himself as a music educator, spreading the deep and rich classical musical traditions to all who come to him. I believe him to be an artist of extraordinary merit. - Ali Akbar Khan

Vasant Rai is one of India's best sarodists. His abilities as a performer, teacher and composer enable him to make a unique contribution to Indian music. I have been associated with Vasantji for many years and have a great regard for his artistry. - Ravi Shankar

Baba Allauddin Khan loved him like his son and taught him in a special way - that is why his approach is unique. He is very special in the manner he treats alap, in a meditative and peaceful flow, gradually unfolding the raga. - Shanta Prasad

Vasant Rai has earned a world wide reputation of being one of the leading sarod players of India. In addition, he is a composer and a distinguished teacher of Indian classical mucsic. Being a disciple of the late Allauddin Khan, he brings to this country a highly respected tradition of Indian music. I have a great regard for his artistic abilities. - Zubin Mehta

From the booklet:
Brief bio of Vasant Rai, and Interview with Vasant Rai by Ira Landgarten