March: John Minogue (Now Sir John Minogue, recently retired as Chief Justice P.N.G.) arrived, to relieve me and we commenced our journey back to Australia. Travelled to West coast by train via Los Angeles. Embarked from San Francisco on Kanangoora, after spending two weeks waiting. We had very comfortable cabin in the Kanangoora which was a small fast freighter (approx. 8000 tons) which only carried about 25 passengers. After a pleasant, uneventful voyage, arrived back in Sydney.

May:After two weeks leave went to Manila via Morotai to take up new post as G.S.O.1 Advanced HQ AMF, the planning section of which was at Manila with General Macarthur's GHQ. After three weeks in Manila returned to Morotai to take up job as Col G.S. and was promoted Col.

April: At Morotai. During period the AIF operations against Japs in Borneo were launched from Morotai.

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