General Sir John Wilton

The Diary and Memoirs of General Sir John Wilton
covering the years 1910-1977

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1910-1936: Education, RMC Duntroon, Royal Artillery, British Army in India
1937-1938: India cont'd
1939-1944: World War II
1946-1954: Postwar army, Commander British Commonwealth Brigade in Korea
1955-1959 : Commandant RMC Duntroon
1960-1962: SEATO
1963: Chief of the General Staff
1966: Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee
1971-1977: Kerr Committee; Consul-General in New York

Obituary by Robert O'Neill in The Age, Melbourne, May 11 1981

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Letter to Returned Services League president regarding Aboriginal rights:

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Tiger Story by Lt-Col F.E. (Freddie) Elliot, late R.A., late Queen's Messenger (1892-1971) (HTML)

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General Westmoreland: Gen. Sir John and Lady Wilton visit the friendly ally

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