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Raga Records consultant Ira Landgarten has made a lifelong project of documenting Sangeet.

He recorded Manilal Nag in Nepal for Ravi Shankar Music Circle in 1976; and was instrumental in bringing Nikhil Banerjee to Amsterdam for the De Kosmos concert (Raga-212).

He has photographed and interviewed many of the leading North Indian artists of our era, both independently and as Staff Photographer fro the World Music Institute, NY. Some of these have appeared in Raga Records CD booklets and can be found on this website.

He co-founded Simla House, Inc. with Ray Spiegel near Woodstock New York, where they imported fine Indian musical instruments, and he has co-produced several CDs on that label.

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Manilal Nag Interview
Nikhil Banerjee Interview
Buddhadev Das Gupta Interview
Wasifuddin Dagar interview