Press Notices From Around the World about Nikhil Banerjee

"I know I'd rather hear the collected works of Nikhil Banerjee, a great sitarist from India..." - Jon Pareles, NY Times, 4/23/89

"You can't explore the sound of the sitar without the late Nikhil Banerjee, considered by some experts to be the greatest player of this century."-- CD Review, 11/89

"Banerjee's technique is a phenomenon...remarkably individual...the music making was first of the occasion was the wonderfully elegant Nikhil Banerjee." -- San Francisco Chronicle

"...a rewarding concert...excitingly adventurous...soaring to new heights of improvisational melodic virtuosity in a rich recital..." -- Minneapolis Star

"...widely acclaimed for his intensely individualistic pursuit ot the poetry of raga...hopefully Nikhil Banerjee will make New York a frequent stop..." -- The Village Voice

"...Musicians of such genius must on no account be missed." -- The Sydney Morning Herald

"...A startling display of electifying vitality." -- The Bulletin, Australia

"Such balance between technical capability, emotional content, raga purity and aesthetic awareness cannot be heard in the world of sitar today." -- The Statesman, Calcutta

Nikhil Banerjee