Press Notices from India on Manilal Nag

"...Manilal is a prodigy of instrumental musiec. His demonstration, at the strippling age of 12 years reached a high level of musical excellence. He was matched with Pt. Santa Prasad on the Tabla..." -- Listening Post, Delhi, August 20th, 1961

"Manilal Nag's approach to Raga Jaijaiwanti was splendidly in tune with its form and character and he brought out its niceties and nuances with exemplary vividness...Full of the pulsations of speed and impelled by some elemental power the music rushed frantically, imperiously to a climax of tremendous power and impact." -- Times of India, New Delhi, March 16th, 1966

"One could havc an idea of his sound training from the accurate and firm grip he had over the vital nerve spots of Raga Puriya Kalyan, he rendered. The soft, gentle strains of music, the pliant and graceful pulling and stretching of the main string and the deference shown to the combining melodies -- Puriya and Kalyan in the first and second tetrachord respectively -- were commendable features of this recital" -- Sunday Statesman, April 25th, 1971

"Strong and resonant, the instrumental articulation provided proof of the artist's skill in the manipulation of the bass string." -- The Hindusthan Times, April 26th, 1971

"The occasional wierd devices used to coax out tiny nuances were done with such imagination and sureness of touch that they did not sound merely bizarre but conveyed a distinct poetic experience." -- Times of India, October 23rd, 1978

"His very able fast fingering was a classic delight, as also his very fine melodic touehes, and 'single-fret' 'meend' work eliciting repeated applause from the audience."

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